Finding Investors for Real Estate Projects

Posted by Ilayda Taze on Apr 03, 2020 05:05: PM
Ilayda Taze

Learning how to find an investor or investors for real estate can help you create a portfolio fast. Partnering with an investor can have its own share of downsides but can also have several advantages too. Surprisingly, finding the right investor for real estate is one of the many things that most entrepreneurs find quite difficult because they are often inexperienced with how to start and where to search.

Here are a few proven tips to help you find the right investor for your real estate journey:

  • Networking: There is no need to complicate things. Your complete focus should be on meeting the right types of people – Investors who generally meet the following criteria’s:
  • Have funds to invest in real estate
  • Know how to oversee real estate projects or business
  • Interested in investing in real estate

How can you find appropriate investors? One simple yet effective way is to attend investmentevents where you will find and come across a while host of investors that specialise in different areas and sectors.

Create a professional-looking website and keep your business card handy on the go. The website shouldn’t be too complex and explains your business and its goals. It can help investors find out a little about you and your business beforeyour start meeting them. 

  • Investment Clubs: Investment clubs are becoming increasingly popular in the age of information and as the name suggests, are meant to keep its members aware of networking and investing opportunities.

But, how is it different from ‘networking’ as discussed above? These clubs consist of people who are already investors and investors who are keen on finding out what new opportunities could be out there. 

  • Social Media: Everyone now knows the power of social media as it has dramatically changed the way we interact with people. It has made it easier to meet like-minded people as well as the ones who have common personal and professional interests. On social media, it is also easy to reach out to those who you don’t know but want to approach without being pushy or too forthcoming.

LinkedIn is an effective platformand could offeropportunities to build new business ties.

The key to having an effective social media presence can be to establish relationships which in turn can improve your network visibility. Leave comments on people’s posts, ask questions and share knowledge with them.  

  • Real Estate Agents: No one knows the real estate market better than real estate agents. They can be an excellent source of information and could connect you with the investors you are looking for.

Try and connect with as many real estate professionals, they could be working with investment companies and landlords as part of their day to day activities which in turn can improve and widen your network through introductions.

  • Family & Friends: Your ‘warm market’ can be a good source. You talk to your friends, family and peers daily who in turn could provide you with their own contacts and networks through a warm introduction to others in property.

  • Things to Keep in Mind When Finding a Real Estate Investor

Here are some additional tips to help increase your odds of securing a real estate investment deal:

  • Just pull; never push: Pushing an investor, large or small can trigger fear and they may sense your neediness causing them to step back. When it is about convincing an investor, you should try to educate them and attract them with exciting offers, rather than pushing or pressing them hard.

  • Educate them: Education is a great way to calm down apprehensive investors. In fact, investors themselves are always willing to learn. Remember that in a typical condition, no investor will invest unless they are informed. Guide them about the business at length and clear all their doubts to help them take an informed decision.

When seeking investors, let the right networks know that you are looking for real estate investment partners, but only with the right approach. You never know who your bridge to the investor your looking for can be.

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